History of the Clubhouse.

Before Durham Paddlesports Club.

The Old Corn Mill (South Street Mill) is believed to be 1 of 6 water mill’s in Durham in the 13th century owned by the priory. The Mill was a fulling mill until 1462 when it was converted into a corm (floor) mill.

The Mill and weir we damaged by the great flood of 1771 when the river level was recorded at 8ft 10inches above the previous record and extensively repaired between 1784 and 1784.

Another flood of 1824 saw the then owner, a boat builder by the name of Charlie Ebdy become a local hero by rescuing a farmer and his calf.

The mill has had numerous owner’s plying different trades and was last run commercially in 1945. There are no listings as to when Durham Cathedral bought back the mill and who lived there from 1945.

From the 1950s to the present day.

Durham Paddlesports club started around the 1950s. It was run by local kayakers and canoeists within the area.

The mill was used as a boathouse to store the club equipment and regularly used. In 2009 Durham Paddlesports Club seen its own flooring of the building and the members did all they could to secure the equipment and keep the club running.

The club has had its ups and downs over the years like most clubs, but the club is still going strong and the current members and committee are working hard to keep this local club running and make paddlesport as fun and safe as it can be.

If you have any information regarding the clubhouse or memories of it, we would love to hear them so feel free to contact us.